Trendy Indian Ethnic Wear – A Graceful Dose to Your Wardrobe

REME Apr 17, 2019

Clad in a gorgeous saree, she made the world turn and look at her with awe. This has been the way ever since India showcased its surreal ethnic wear to the world.

The varieties vary from the ethnic saree to the classically made kurtis and kurtas.

Women Multi Color Kurta Rajni

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Indian ethnic wear is usually tailored out of organic fabric clothes and linen cotton. Kurti and Kurta are ideal for all ages of women. Head held high, and a confident smile is passing through her lips, a woman wearing a kurta can be seen all across the country.

The women of India take pride in their ethnic wear. These fashionable attires give them confidence and make many greens with envy, adding to the bright hues of the ethnic wears.

Despite the influence of western culture, the people have always kept their traditional cotton made fashionable attires in trend. When a person thinks of Indian ethnic wear, he/she feels comfort and lightness in their manner of dressing.

Women Wine Color Kurta Birdie

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The Indian cotton linen makes for excellent formal wear to meetings and special occasions. The typical ethnic wear for Indian men is the dhoti which is a loose cloth wrapped around the legs making the person comfortable in the heat. With their long tresses blowing in the sun, the Indian women wear their outfits with utmost elegance that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. The men in their ethnic wear look equally dashing.

Women Traditional Wear Orange Kurta Panzy

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The organic fabric clothing of India became a fashion freeze at a point owing to its variety, colors, and comfort. With their soft texture, these ethnic wears were designed mainly for comfort and feel. The Indian kurti and kurta being traditional attires have reached the lifestyle of all age and class people. With large varieties and designs, Indian ethnic wear gives a lot of innovative products. Even a typical kurti can be made in many different styles and patterns. A kurti that has modern art patterns can also be made with the traditional silk material which adds to the charm of the dress. All types of jewelry match the kurti making the wearer look special during the occasion.

The kurti has become a trend in many other countries like France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The vast diversity of the country is also a factor that has influenced this enormous variety of fashionable clothing.

Women Multi Color Kurta Dhaliya

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Every region across the country has contributed to this mélange of cotton linen. Different organic fabrics were chosen to suit the diverse needs of the regions and the weather. Art inspired handiworks are embossed in sarees, Kurtis, and ethnic salwars, reflecting the culture of the land.

One of the most famous dresses that still dominates the women’s fashion through India is the Anarkali which is a long kurta top paired with a tight fitting pair of pants. This type of dress is the most sought after in women’s fashion.

The Indian ethnic wear exhibits unmatched luxury and grandeur in its style. The country is filled with hues of vibrant colors in all the streets ranging from brightly colored silk sarees to the more modern kurta.