8 Brilliant Décor Ideas For A Small Living Room

REME Jun 12, 2019

Space maximization in your small space living room can be a tricky business, but it doesn’t have to be so. With the right choice in décor and living room furniture for small spaces, you can dress your living area just as glamorously as any other with no limitation on available space. Here are eight great décor ideas to help you create the living room of your dreams even if the physical space doesn’t allow it: –

Allow the natural light to fall in

It is great if your living room allows an inflow of good natural light. You can accentuate the magic of sunlight falling into your space by opting for semi-sheer shades or lighter wall color. Natural light will make your room appear bigger and airy.

Clutter Vs. Statement

Do not worry about selecting big statement décor for your living area. A well-curated collection creates the much-needed drama and contrast in modest interiors.

Switch to a large rug

A fantastic trick to make your room look bigger is to select a big rug with a bold pattern. Smaller rugs can visually break up the floor. Corner seating is also a brilliant way to achieve a cleaner look when it comes to living room furniture for small spaces.

Paint your walls in a lighter shade

A smart trick to free up some space and to create a bright look is by keeping the floors and walls light in color. White is the safest color you can stick to. To accentuate it further, opt for big statement wall décor and accents. A colorful piece of furniture can be made the center of attention.

Go for Chowkis and Ottomans

Chowkis are essentially low seating stools that double up as low tables. Instead of a significant and traditional coffee table; you can add ottomans and chowkis to your furniture setting. This will not only make the area look less cluttered, but is also more convenient and feasible when you have a large number of guests come over. You can decorate them with a beautiful tray to keep flowers, accents, and books. Ottomans and chowkis are a great versatile addition to your living room furniture. These can be used as a seat, a table, and even a footrest.

Pink and Blue Cotton Dori Knitted Chowki


Replace your traditional couches with low seating furniture

The higher your furniture is, the fuller your room will appear. A lower sofa or settee can create the illusion of a larger space. When selecting living room furniture for small spaces, it is best to avoid high couches. You can also bring in some element of ethnic home décor into your interiors through Rajasthani Charpais and chowkis. You can also blend proportion and scale, like placing a little ottoman beside a low settee, to achieve a cleaner look.

Grey and Pink Cotton Dori Knitted Chowki


Float your living room furniture

The traditional design of furniture up against the walls can do your interiors more bad than good, especially if you have limited space, to begin with. When you leave some space behind the furniture, it creates the visual effect of the room is wider than it is.

Brown and White Cotton Dori Knitted Charpai

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Keep it cozy

A cozy and snug look with all the furniture placed close together in the middle of the room is a great way to make your room look more prominent, and also to free up some space for easily moving around.

Grey and White Cotton Dori Knitted Charpai

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These are some of the best tried and tested tips to work a limited space to your most significant advantage. The right choice of living room furniture for small spaces is the crux of your design, so spend some time on your available options and choose the best that suits your style.