6 Wooden Charpai Décor Tips To Give Your Home Interiors An Ethnic Spin

REME May 29, 2019

The Indian style of interior décor is one of the most traditionally exotic and ethically challenging to work with. The overlapping flavor of interestingly warm and colorfully complex is what makes this style of decoration so hard to perfect. Thanks to the beautiful inter-cultural exchanges across the globe today, Indian traditional designs and artifacts have found a home among cross-cultural aficionados of traditional crafts everywhere. From metal figurines of Lord Ganesh to buying a wooden charpai online, the world is warming up to the eye-catching aesthetics of Indian décor.

Cotton Knitted Grey and White Charpai

COT4 1 1

A charpai translates to four legs. It is essentially a single cot with a simple rectangular design supported by four wooden legs. The bed is usually made out of woven cotton threads in an attractive dual-toned pattern. It is easily one of the most common traditional furniture online you will find. When used creatively, it can give your interiors a bohemian and rustic vibe! Let us explore six creative yet functional ways in which you can add the Indian charpai to your home furniture perfectly:

Always Choose Vibrant Colors

Most ethnic décor styles, and especially Indian, are bright and variegated in appearance. Indian traditional décor ranges from calming warm tones to the electrifying retro kaleidoscope of bright hues. But as they say, too much of anything is bad. It is best to not go overboard with the variety in vibrancy. You can opt for furniture in earthy tones highlighted with bright colors. Charpais is a great furniture option as they are safely bicolored and rare in design.

Brown and White Cotton Knitted Charpai

COT3 01 1

Always Opt For Solid Wood Furniture

Wooden charpais, low chairs, and chowkis are great examples of timeless solid wood furniture that adds a beautiful rustic touch to your interiors. Solid wood furniture is also an essential element in Indian themed interior design. Since these traditional cots are simple in design, you can highlight them with brightly embellished cushions, or a sequined bed cover.

There Is Always Scope For Further Decoration

These traditional cots are a fantastic combination of aesthetics and functionality. To up the ante on design, you can cover a part of your cot with multiple cushions that are bagged in brightly hand-painted Indian art, or traditional Rajasthan embroidery.

Cushion covers embellished with mirrors, stones, and sequins look great on a charpai.

Pink and Blue Cotton Knitted Charpai

COT1 01

Charpais Are Informal People Spaces

The Indian Khatiya (cot) is a versatile and informal piece of home furniture. It is more about relaxed interactions than seating furniture to receive your guests. You can play around with it in your living space. Put it up in your gazebo or balcony to spend some great bonding time with your friends over a warm cup of coffee and lots of fun.

Rug It Up

A beautiful rug along with floor cushions will lend warmth to your charpai décor. The cot by itself will look empty and dreary. Liven up the room by placing a brightly colored rug on the floor beside it, and decorate it with traditional plush cushions. This will bring a playful and bohemian vibe to your spaces.

Pink and White Cotton Knitted Charpai

COT2 01

Add Up Knick Knacks

No one ever said that the Khatiya must be necessarily used to sleep and sit on. Why not double it as table stands to display your collection of traditional things?

Always Create A Blend Of Bright And Dull

It is never a great idea to have an altogether loud interior comprising of bright colored furniture, vibrant wall art, popping upholstery and tapestry, etc. To create the perfect aesthetics, you should try to strike a balance. A Khatiya all by itself is great if your walls are bright and you have enough shades of pop in your interiors.

The next time you shop for wooden charpais online, try to mix and match these tips to find out what suits your personality best. After all, we all dress our homes the same way we dress.